Awesome Robotics Libraries

A curated list of robotics simulators and libraries.

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Free or Open Source


Dynamics Simulation

:warning: The following table is not complete. Please feel free to report if you find something incorrect or missing.

Name Models Features Languages Licenses Code Popularity
ARCSim soft   C++      
Bullet rigid, soft ik, id, urdf, sdf C++, Python Zlib github bullet3
CHRONO::ENGINE rigid, soft, granular, fluid ik, urdf C++, Python BSD-3-Clause github chrono
DART rigid, soft ik, id, plan, urdf, sdf C++, Python BSD-2-Clause github dart
Drake rigid, aero, fluid ik, trj-opt, plan C++, Matlab BSD-3-Clause github drake
Flex rigid, soft, particle, fluid   C++   github NVIDIAGameWorks/FleX
FROST rigid   MATLAB BSD-3-Clause github ayonga/frost-dev
IBDS rigid, particle   C++ Zlib    
idyntree rigid id C++, Python, Matlab, Lua LGPL-2.1 github idyntree
KDL rigid ik C++ LGPL-2.1 github orocos_kinematics_dynamics
kindr rigid (todo) C++, Matlab BSD-3-Clause github kindr
Klampt (todo) (todo) C++, Python BSD-3-Clause github Klampt
LibrePilot uav, vehicles (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 bitbucket, github LibrePilot
MARS (todo) (todo) C++, Python LGPL-3.0 github mars
MBDyn (todo) (todo) C++ GPL-2.1 download  
MBSim (todo) (todo) C++ (not specified) github mbsim-env/mbsim
MBSlib (todo) (todo) C++ LGPL-3.0 github mbslib
metapod (todo) (todo) C++ LGPL-3.0 github metapod
Moby rigid id C++ GPL-2.0 github Moby
mrpt vehicle slam, cv C++, Python, Matlab BSD-3-Clause github mrpt
MuJoCo (todo) id C++, Python licenses closed source  
mvsim vehicle (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 github ual-arm-ros-pkg/mvsim
Newton Dynamics (todo) (todo) C++ Zlib github newton-dynamics
nphysics (todo) (todo) Rust BSD-3-Clause github sebcrozet/nphysics
ODE rigid   C++ LGPL-2.1 or BSD-3-Clause bitbucket  
OpenRAVE (todo) (todo) C++, Python LGPL-3.0 github openrave
pinocchio rigid ik, id, urdf, analytical derivatives, code generation C++, Python BSD-2-Clause github pinocchio
PositionBasedDynamics (todo) (todo) C++ MIT github PositionBasedDynamics
PhysX (todo) (todo) C++ unknown github NVIDIAGameWorks/PhysX
PyDy (todo) (todo) Python BSD-3-Clause github pydy
RBDL rigid ik,id,urdf C++, Python Zlib github rbdl
RBDyn rigid (todo) C++, Python LGPL-3.0 github RBDyn
RaiSim (todo) (todo) C++ custom github leggedrobotics/raisimLib
ReactPhysics3d (todo) (todo) C++ Zlib github reactphysics3d
RigidBodyDynamics.jl rigid (todo) Julia MIT “Expat” github RigidBodyDynamics.jl
Rigs of Rods rigid, soft, vehicle (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 github RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods
Robopy (todo) (todo) Python 3 MIT github adityadua24/robopy
Robotics Library (todo) (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 or BSD-2-Clause github rl
RobWork (todo) (todo) C++ Apache-2.0 gitlab  
siconos (todo) (todo) C++, Python Apache-2.0 github siconos
Simbody rigid, molecules id, urdf C++ Apache-2.0 github simbody
SOFA rigid, soft, medical (todo) C++ LGPL-2.1 github sofa
Tiny Differentiable Simulator rigid (todo) C++, Python Apache-2.0 github google-research/tiny-differentiable-simulator
trep rigid dm, trj-opt C, Python GPL-3.0 github trep
qu3e rigid - C++ Zlib github qu3e

For simplicity, shortened names are used to represent the supported models and features as

Inverse Kinematics

Machine Learning

Motion Planning and Control

Motion Optimizer
Nearest Neighbor
3D Mapping


Robot Modeling

Robot Model Description Format
Utility to Build Robot Models

Robot Platform


SLAM Dataset






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